HW Tech 100 Award

2017 HousingWire Tech 100 Award Winner:
Top Technology Company

Stop Chasing Leads.

How it Works


Set your financial & personal goals and personalized action steps are created for you.


Always know who to contact, when to contact them and what to say.


Generate a steady stream of referrals from people you want to work with.


A robust real estate crm for generating high quality leads.


  • Dashboard
    Stay on track with Goals, To-Dos, and�appointments through our simple intuitive dashboard.
  • Priority Action Center
    Take action of your day with preloaded activities telling you who to call, who to�write�a note to, and who to go see (Pop-by).
  • Relationships
    Nurture your relationships by staying top of mind with�proven�techniques that tell you when and how to get in touch.�
  • Marketing
    Stay in touch with your relationships by sending them informative marketing flyers and eReports.*
    * This is a feature of Referral Maker PRO
  • My Business
    Manage your transactions and track your expenses all�through the Referral Maker CRM.
  • Calendar & To-Dos
    Prioritize your day by setting appointments on your Calendar and following up on tasks with your To-Do list.
  • Buffini Groups
    Get involved with other real estate professionals. Share ideas and stories to help you get the most out working by referral.*
    * This is a feature of Referral Maker PRO
  • Goals
    Set your business goals and track your progress from a single dashboard.
  • Priority Action Center
    Take the guesswork out of your day with preloaded activities telling you who to call, who to write a note to, and who to go see.
  • Contacts
    Import your phone�s contact list, make a call, or send a message straight from the app.
  • Pop-By
    Advanced mapping technology lets you know who is around you for easy visits to your clients in the area.
  • To Do
    Check off your to-dos faster with this virtual list designed to make your life easier!
  • Calendar
    Never miss another appointment, birthday or important event.
  • Resources
    Get access to exclusive content to help you work by referral, and ultimately, live the good life!

Referral Maker CRM for Teams

The all new Referral Maker CRM for Teams delivers powerful insights about your business performance.

  • One-click access to your Sales, Leads and Pipeline
  • Instant feedback on how your leads are converting
  • Real-time data on team performance and what activities are generating results
  • Insight into your team�s areas of strength
  • Team Performance Dashboard
    The Team Dashboard is a potent new addition to your management toolset!
    • Check your pipeline for the entire team or individually
    • View your leads and how they are converting
    • Up to the minute sales data
    • See exactly how team members are performing
  • Team Reports
    Generate powerful new reports!

    Review how your team is spending their time on calls, emails, letters, notes and pop-bys.�You can view data for the entire team or individually.

    Reports your team�s full transactions.�Filter by Active, Pending, Closed and Not Converted opportunities.

    Reports your team�s lead progress including Potential leads, Active leads, Pending leads and Closed leads. You can view data for the entire team or individually.

  • Team Contacts
    The Team Contacts feature gives you a great understanding of how your database is organized and how leads are distributed!�
    • Assign lead to top producing team members
    • View assigned member�s contacts, transactions and goals
    • View the team�s unassigned contacts
    • Re-assign contacts and relationships among team members
  • Marketing Materials
    The new Marketing feature allows you to quickly create email and letter templates that can be 'pushed' to team members to ensure your communications are clear and consistent.�
  • Pricing
    Team Leader
    $49 per month (Free to Members)

    Team Members
    $39 per month, per seat


The Best Real Estate CRM on the Market
  • Testimonial

    "The companies that make up the 2017 HW TECH100™ are the cream of the crop of the entire housing industry, from real estate to mortgage lending, servicing, and investment," said HousingWire Senior Financial Reporter Ben Lane. "These companies aren�t just taking part in the housing industry�s technological revolution; they�re leading it."

  • Testimonial

    "I love, love, love the Buffini Referral Maker! The database is so easy to use and the Near Me function under Do Popbys makes fitting in Popbys so quick and easy. I love how the CRM tracks our activities and then puts them in graphs as well. What a fabulous system and Real Estate CRM!"

    Delinda Crampton
    Las Vegas, NV

How it Works