Real Estate CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) Software you can cheer for! Generate a predictable stream of high-quality leads and boost your profitability with Referral Maker® CRM.

It's the easy  way to generate leads!

Simple & easy to use
Organize your business
Eliminate income peaks & valleys

Import your client data
in minutes

Daily Action Plan: know
who to contact, when
and how

Brian Buffini's proven
referral system built in

Intuitive design to
maximize efficiency

Real-time stats of your
activities and results


mobile app

Everything you need
in one application

Highest quality leads
that convert to sales

Referral Maker® CRM takes all of the best features of other CRMs while adding important features for real estate and giving it that special "Buffini Special Sauce..." Referral Maker reminds me to keep track of what I am doing and not to forget that my Lead Generation is the most important activity of the day.
Nancy Shuster, Real Estate Agent Nancy ShusterReal Estate AgentSmithtown, NY
I used another Real Estate CRM Software before Referral Maker® CRM. I switched because this one is fast – easy to maneuver and to know what to do next. My income is way up this year and Referral Maker is part of the reason.
Nancy Lorei, Real Estate Agent Nanci LoreiReal Estate AgentErie, PA
Referral Maker® CRM keeps me organized... Since I'm new to the Real Estate industry, I find that Referral Maker keeps me accountable and is my reminder to stay in touch with the people in my database...I would tell an agent who is considering using Referral Maker to use it because it works. It's organization at its finest! It is very easy and simple to use.
Mary Boal, Real Estate Agent Mary BoalReal Estate AgentWoodland, WA

Top Ten Reasons to Use Referral Maker® CRM

  1. 1
    It's simple and easy to use!
  2. 2
    The only Real Estate CRM Software designed to help you build relationships in order to generate a predictable stream of referred and repeat customers
  3. 3
    It's fun!
  4. 4
    Organizes your business–you'll know what to do every day to generate leads
  5. 5
    Includes Brian Buffini's proven dialogues–always know what you're going to say to your clients!
  1. 6
    Does all your marketing with one click
  2. 7
    Gives you a steady flow of high–quality leads.
  3. 8
    Gives you instant feedback on your Real Estate business and progress
  4. 9
    Available on the go with the free mobile app
  5. 10
    World–class marketing system built right in to your Real Estate CRM
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