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Referral Maker® CRM Real Estate CRM Reviews!

I love that with Referral Maker real estate CRM software, I now have a system. When I get up in the morning I know exactly how I'm going to start my day. My database is my business or my lifeline. I finally have a system. Referral Maker has made me aware of the dormant business that I had at my fingertips. By staying in contact and deepening my relationships with my clients it has given me much more joy and confidence. I'm finally getting to the next level, without worrying about the market. Referral Maker is the friendliest system out there that is bulletproof as long as you use it. It's what all agents of all ages should know when getting into this industry. CRM is an amazing beast in the proper fingertips. There is nothing to lose; you can only fine tune yourself to prosperity. Just try it.
Rachael LeBlanc-Palmer
Fall River, NS
As a busy Realtor, I appreciate the task reminders/to do's that I may not remember to check otherwise. It’s forced me to be even more accountable than before in proactive activities. Referral Maker® real estate CRM is an easy, fool proof and systematic way of ensuring the proactive activities get done. If you do these activities on a consistent basis, you will reach your goals. Without fail!
Marc LaFontaine
Ottawa, ON
I love the efficiency of the tracking with Referral Maker ™CRM real estate software, and the follow up prompts. Referral Maker™ CRM gives me the ability to work my database on a daily basis, both from a PC and a smartphone, by prioritizing my contacts. There are so many features on Referral Maker to help you stay on track with your lead generation, there is no excuse not to do your calls, notes and Pop-Bys!
Michelle Sneidman
Mechanicsburg, PA

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2013 Survey Results

A few responses from the survey:

  • Best client tracking system in a real estate CRM that I've seen
  • It's intuitive and easier to use than Top Producer, hands down.
  • It's the best Real Estate CRM Software I have ever used.
  • AWESOME system. Do not run your business without it!
  • I tell everyone, it is the Absolute Best Real Estate CRM Software ever made because it was made by Realtors for Realtors. Thank you for creating it.
  • Best contact management system and business tracker planner
  • It simplifies the process of staying in constant contact with your best clients
  • Compact, Robust, and just what you want/need! Fantastic System!
  • It makes my life easy — never miss a call you should make or a note you should write again!
  • It's easy to transfer your old database; easy to use, and helps keep me on track
  • The best Real Estate CRM Software hands down. It's excellent, keeps you organized, don't have to think — just do!
  • It's the system that does everything for you. Tracks your number, activity, and sales, and even tells you who to call and what's next to do. It's like having a boss that you own.
  • It's the best program for Realtors that has ever been designed. They really thought of everything. It takes a lot of the thinking out of my day as it prioritizes my day. It does so much more than I could ever imagine.
  • Very easy to use, it even has a phone app you can use when away from your computer. I love the fact that I can print labels, and it makes sending the e-report so easy.